If you picked up the Steam Controller or wanted to try Steam Link on Mac and you were a bit disappointed that they don’t quite work yet, Valve has you covered. To compensate for their technical problems, Valve are giving away their entire catalog for anyone affected by these issues.

Those lucky enough to secure a pre-order for the Steam Link and Controller recently began receiving their new hardware, intended to work on all computers that can run Steam. However, some form of technical issue is preventing Mac users from enjoying their new toy.

In an email to Eurogamer, the Steam hardware team had the following to say: “Unfortunately, there are some temporary software issues that prevent the hardware from functioning with Macs.” They went on to say they hope to have resolved the issues as they “update firmware and drivers over the next few weeks.”

Steam Link currently will not stream games from Mac computers, but an update from the hardware team is looking to add “full support for streaming audio, video and controller input.” On the other hand, the Controller can’t offer gamepad emulation, which is said to be up and running “within a few weeks.” For now, you can switch to keyboard and mouse emulation.

So what are you looking at in compensation for these faults? No less than the Valve Complete Pack, to be added to all affected users’ accounts. This is a “past, present and future” collection, which could in handy should we ever see a third iteration of any of their titles.

The refund policy on Steam Controllers and the Steam Link have also been extended from 30 to 60. Out of pure goodwill, Valve is offering to pay any shipping costs for returns.

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