Super Meat Boy was one of the most interesting platform games of the last generation, and it’s introduction into the current generation of systems comes with no surprise. While it was planned on being a clean port over, Team Meat have had to put in a bit more work to this port due to copyright issues. The game’s original soundtrack has been claimed by its creator, Danny Baranowsky.

This gave Team Meat the ability to work with other renown composers for the new soundtrack. “Now don’t be too bummed because we had the opportunity to work with our favorite artists to re-score Super Meat Boy to celebrate its fifth anniversary,” Tommy Refenes, part of Team Meat said in an announcement on Playstation’s blog. He gives us a run-down of the composers and what they’ve composed for the game’s soundtrack.

  • Matthias Bossi and Jon Evans, known the world over as Ridiculon (whose most recent work includes The Binding of Isaac: Rebirth), provided the bulk of the soundtrack. They took care of The Forest, Hell, The Rapture, and The End, as well as the intro music and title screen. They also re-scored all of the cutscenes and miscellaneous ditties. Their work is always stellar and Super Meat Boy is no exception. Ready yourselves for some devilishly gruesome guitar work, my friends.
  • David “Scattle” Scatliffe of Hotline Miami fame used his unique moody style to create incredible tracks for The Hospital and the Salt Factory. His mastery will leave you wondering if the shakes you’re having are from the intense levels or the creepy/industrial bliss your ears are soaking in.
  • Laura Shigihara of Plants vs. Zombies renown scored The Cotton Alley in her style to give Bandage Girl’s levels a gentle, feminine touch that provides a fitting counterpoint to the hardest levels in the game.

“That’s a pretty slick roster of artists,” Refenes later stated. “We were lucky enough that they were all friends of ours and fans of Super Meat Boy. Their passion and love for the game can be heard in the work they put into making the game sound amazing. We’re honored to have them on the team for this version of Super Meat Boy.”

You can check out the new soundtrack here. Super Meat Boy releases for the PS4 and the Vita as a cross-buy game on October 6th. As well, Playstation Plus members will be able to play Super Meat Boy for free.

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