Until Dawn was a very pleasant surprise this year. A project that originally started as a first-person Playstation Move focused puzzle game back in 2012 changed into an interactive slasher film with deadly consequences. Thanks to general word of mouth and a solid 78 Metacritic aggregate, Supermassive Games’ experiment found modest success.

Which apparently was more than the makers expected. Speaking in an interview with Playstation Lifestyle, Supermassive’s Executive Producer, Pete Samuels said the game, “definitely surpassed expectations,” however was lax in providing concrete sales figures. However, it seems whatever those numbers are, they got the attention of Sony’s CEO Shuhei Yoshida. In September after launch, Yoshida was surprised at how well the game sold despite not having any major marketing. But, he’s confident the game will continue to sell throughout the holiday season, describing the game as a genuine sleeper hit for the Playstation 4.

So naturally Supermassive is thinking about a sequel. There was a lot of internal speculation about how it would be done, but nothing is official. However, a direct sequel is off the table for sure, with Samuels saying “it clearly can’t be a sequel in the traditional sense, with the same characters facing the same threat, not least of which because in different stories some or all of them are already dead!” But, he explained that even if Supermassive doesn’t work on the sequel, whoever does will have plenty learn, both good and bad , and build on what was set-up in Until Dawn.

So if a sequel or another installment in the world of Until Dawn happened, what would you like to see? Personally, more of the infamous Peter Stormare chewing the scenery can’t hurt.

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