Swedish developer SkyGoblin recently launched the Kickstarter for the final chapter of their African-folklore inspired point-and-click, The Journey Down.

The game, which is inspired by classic point-and-clicks such as Grim Fandango, Monkey Island, and the like, released it’s first episode in 2012 and the second installment in 2014. The previous chapters are available for PC, Mac, and iOS platforms.

“The story and design for Chapter Three is already in place and we’re really excited to start actual production. We know every location, character and puzzle that will be there and we know just how we want to put it all together,” stated the developers.

The Kickstarter is a seeming success, with a little over $3,000 dollars remaining to fund the games development. The crowd funding campaign has 19 days remaining. SkyGoblin claims that the final chapter will cover more ground than either of the the previous installments

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