As the days, weeks, and months go by, more and more games get their chance to shine as a free download. With October coming to a close, Microsoft has revealed some great games to be free for November.

For 360 owners, Dirt 3 will be available from November 1st through the 15th. After that Dungeon Siege 3 will be free to download from November 16th until the end of the month. Whether you like off-roading or crawling through castles, November has something for you.

For Xbox One owners, Pneuma: Breath of Life will take the first of the month to the 15th, while Knight Squad will be available from November 16th all the way until December 15th.

It is important to note that the Xbox One backward compatibility comes November 12, all 360 games with gold will also be available for Xbox One. That’s double the free games for Xbox One owners. Don’t miss out on these games when they come around.

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