Ever thought, when playing your Xbox One or your PS4, that you just have too many friends? Are eight people to talk to not good enough for you? If so, you should value your friends more highly you’ll be looking forward to the new 12-person party chats on Xbox One.

Previously, both Xbox One and PS4 could only boast a limit of eight players per party, but Microsoft has now implemented the change for all Xbox Live users on Xbox One and Windows 10. Moreover, no manual update is required in order for the change to come into effect as the work has been done on the server side.

This new addition will become available on the 26th October, and that’s a relevant day because the next day Halo 5 Guardians is set to be released with a 12v12 mode called Warzone. I’m sure you’ve managed to piece it together yourself, but what this now means is that the whole team will be able to communicate with one another, as long as privacy settings don’t get in the way.

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