The developer Yager, known most notably for their work on Spec Ops: The Line, have announced they are no longer working on Dead Island 2. After disagreeing with publisher Deep Silver over their vision for the game managing director of Yager, Timo Ullmann, has spoken out regarding the effect it has had on the studio.

Speaking to GamesIndustry International Ullmann stated “Having a project cancelled in such a late state is a catastrophic event on so many different levels. It really is the worst possible outcome. Everybody involved loses.”

Yager’s removal from the project, previously announced in July, ended in the developer being shut down entirely. As the studio was made with the sole purpose of working on this specific game. Along with the number of jobs lost numerous employees left of their own accord to seek out other projects.

Speaking about those said employees Ullmann went on to add “I really don’t blame them, and we wish them all the best, it’s tough, and not being given the chance to finish Dead Island 2, that… that hurts, you know? Right after the announcement a part of the team was a bit shell-shocked, of course, but you have to motivate yourself to keep going. Cancellation of projects, especially if the stakes are so high, is not unheard of. It hurt us, yes, but it happens.”

We are still awaiting an announcement from Deep Silver and are currently unaware of who will be taking over development. Dead Island 2 was revealed during last years E3 and will be available for PS4, Xbox One and PC. Yager themselves are currently working on a game known as Dreadnaught and is scheduled to release sometime next year.

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