Total War:  Warhammer has released the Grimgor Ironhide campaign map for the first time via youtube trailer.  The trailer consists of intense footage of cinematic war sequences and various lands, cities and terrains all for the conquering.  The youtube description states “This epic in-engine cinematic trailer will take you on a flythrough of that campaign map for the first time, hinting at the shear range of cities and terrain you can aspire to conquer- from the Badlands in the South to the Chaos Wastes in the North.”

Ironhide is an Orc boss of Da Immortulz and from the look of the trailer, a pretty bad dude, seeing as he kills his lackey on a whim.  While the cinematics of the trailer are gorgeous, it’s not supposed to be taken literally in terms of game play.  However, the game does look expansive and interesting.

Total War:  Warhammer is set to come out April 28, 2016.

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