Batman Arkham Knight new dlc includes Catwoman, Robin, Batman V Superman Batsuit and more.

The YouTube channel Batman Arkham released the video above, showing off new downloadable contents coming to Batman The Arkham Knight.

Catwoman’s revenge will take place the night after Batman Arkham Knight. Catwoman sneaks into the Riddler’s toy factory. The video above shows Catwoman sneaking in the toy factory to snatch three key cards off some guards. The environment is more “colorful and vibrant” than Gotham’s dark and smokey feel. This’ll be a nice change of scenery.

In Robin’s Arkham Episode he must search for Batman after his disappearance. Robin will have to take on Two-Face.

There are also new skins for the batmobile. The first two are a Robin and Riddler themed batmobile. Batman Arkham Knight will also have the 2016 batmobile from Batman V Superman. The video shows the batmobile at the proving ground and in Gotham. This proving ground is located in a disused nuclear cooling tower, so he can test out his vehicles undisturbed.

Batman will also be getting a new skin from Batman V Superman. It only makes sense since he has to have to skin to match the batmobile.

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