Though it has been confirmed that no new first party games are in development for the PS Vita, 2K Games announced that Sid Meier’s Civilization 2 Plus will be releasing on the handheld December 3 with exclusive content. Joe Faulstick, from 2K, made the announcement via the Playstation Blog.

The title, releasing exclusively on the Vita, “introduces a number of scenarios, units and world leaders coming from Japan’s history that you won’t find anywhere else.” These scenarios take the player through various portions of Japanese history with one particular scenario, Journey to the West, pitting “TaiZong against Saladin to capture Byzantium.”

Among the leaders available exclusively in Civilization Revolution 2 Plus are Oda Nobunaga, Heihachiro Togo, and Himiko with focuses in medieval/samurai, naval combat, and diplomacy respectively.

The turn-based strategy game sequel developed by Firaxis Games is only available on mobile unlike its predecessor which was released on PC and console as well as mobile. Nevertheless, it is good to see a title from big publishers such as 2K make their way to what many regard as the abandoned platform of PS Vita.

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