The latest patch for Diablo 3 has been announced at this year’s Blizzcon event. Patch 2.4.0 will be heading to the public test realms very soon and there is plenty of new content to keep fans of the franchise busy indeed.

Greyhollow Island is a brand new area which will be added to the game and will be exclusive to adventure mode. “This mysterious forested locale is steeped in intrigue, and rumors abound that those who visit are doomed to never return. Brave the wild beasts and supernatural creatures and unravel the mystery behind the tragedies that have occurred here.” There are also two areas that are being expanded for adventure mode players, The Eternal Wood is an area that lies beyond the gates of the Ruins of Sescheron and digging past the rubble of Leoric’s Manor you’ll find the Royal Quarters. Both new areas boast new events and bounties and add more variety to the areas as a whole.

Set items will be getting an overhaul. All 24 class sets will be looked at and revised and changes will be made to improve them where needed. Blizzard will also be revising the two existing two-piece jewelry sets and will be adding a two-piece flail and shield set for the Crusader. With the new set items comes set dungeons. When donning a full set of gear you’ll receive a clue to send you to a specific dungeon designed to fully utilise all your class skills. Cosmetic rewards will be available for completing these new dungeons.

If you find all of your millions of gold burning a hole in your pocket, empowered rifts might be the thing for you. When entering greater rifts players will be given the option to convert to an empowered rift by spending some gold to increase chances of dropping more legendary gem upgrades.

More changes include new legendaries, changes to the buff UI, more stash space and much much more. To get the full details head over to the official page here.

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