Earlier this year, the Nvidia Shield tablet was recalled due to issues with the ion-lithium battery overheating the tablet. If you’ve already bought a Shield, check the link above in case you’re worried that your Shield is affected by the recall. The Nvidia Shield is now back on sale at a deep price cut. Originally selling at $299.99, the tablet now sells for just $199.99.

The $199.99 tablet gets you the Nvidia Shield tablet with 16 gb of memory, which might not be enough for all the gaming you’ll be doing on the tablet. Thankfully, there is a micro-USB slot for you to expand the memory. As well, the tablet boasts a Bluetooth 4.0 connector, micro-HDMI slot, and currently beats out all Intel-based tablets on the market at that price. It does lose to the iPAd Air 2, but not by a wide margin. As well, the iPad Air 2 is well over twice as much, at an initial price of $499.99nvidia shield 1

While the cover, the stylus, and the controller aren’t bundled with the $199.99 version, those looking to seriously get into tablet gaming would be hard pressed to ignore the Nvidia Shield.

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