Behind closed doors at Paris Games Week, Evolution Studios showed a prototype of their PlayStation 4 racing game, DriveClub, specifically designed to work on the upcoming PlayStation VR.

According to those who were allowed in, the current prototype runs at 60 frames-per-second, a whole 30 frames faster than the regular game. Of course, this increase in frames means the developers had to shed some extra weight elsewhere. This comes in the form of reducing the number of cars on-screen from twelve to eight, subtle scaling back in weather and track systems, and the removal of the rearview mirrors; however, Paul Rustchynsky, the game’s director, stated that he hopes they will be able to add at least some of them back in if the project moves beyond the prototype stage.

To top it all off, Shuhei Yoshida of PlayStation, stated on Twitter that “the game runs at 60fps but gets converted to 120fps with reprojection before sent to the VR headset” pointing out that the framerate will actually be double what the game is currently putting out.

DriveClub VR is currently just a prototype, but if it gets enough hype at Paris Games Week the developers are hoping to turn it into more than just a prototype.

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