After a Korean news Agency reported MaRin and Tom’s departure from SK Telecom, SK Telecom has confirmed the departure of MaRin and Tom as well as Easyhoon.

According a post on Inven, Bengi, Bang, and Wolf all decided to stay with SK Telecom so they could prove that they are still the best in the world. Conversely, Easyhoon and Tom decided to leave to find a team where they could see consistent playtime. MaRin decided to leave the pursue the challenge of showing his skill with a new team.

SK Telecom rotated playtime between and Easyhoon and Faker and Tom and Bengi. However, in major tournaments, Faker and Bengi saw the majority of playtime. This likely contributed to Easyhoon and Tom’s decision to leave the team.

At the present it is unclear where any of the aforementioned players will end up. It’s likely they’ll end up in the Chinese League of Legends scene like most the Samsung organisation last year.

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