Look. I get it. There’s a point where the incessant plugging for the Indivisible Indiegogo campaign gets tedious to look at. I truly get it. But I can’t in good judgement see this game not become a full fledge product. Not with the recent announcement of Red from Transistor being a guest character. If you’ve yet to hear about Indivisible, it’s the next planned title for Lab Zero, makers of Skull Girls. Since their time extension for hitting $900k USD, the campaign is sitting at $1.3 million USD and will only being complete production once its $1.5 million campaign goal is met. As a celebration for hitting $1.25 million, the team revealed Red’s design in the world of Indivisible:


Alongside the guest characters revealed earlier on in the campaign including Shovel Knight and Guacamelee’s Juan, the game will also be seeing Shantae in her Indivisible form:


The game won’t be completely comprised of name dropping indie games. The team have been putting out some quality designed characters, all with their own backstory and purpose within the world. Some of them include Hassam the robotic inventor, Kampan the metal-armed thief and Koji the master chef. All of them are unique and adds a great deal of diversity, especially within a game like Indivisible where the amount of customizable parties is a huge draw.


The campaign still chugs along with 4 days left! If you haven’t had a chance to pitch in yet or you want to keep tabs on the progress, you can still do it here. This is a reminder that the project will only happen once they hit $1.5 million with 505 games funding the extra $2 million. Red’s guest appearance has now piqued my interest to levels so high, I can’t fathom the world where this game doesn’t exist!

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