Developer Daybreak Games has revealed a new expansion for its MMORPG EverQuest.

Entitled The Broken Mirror, this is the 22nd expansion for EverQuest. The Broken Mirror features Anashti Sul, a “vengeful goddess,” and four new expansion zones as well as three revamped zones.

The Broken Mirror will include instanced, scalable versions of the Plane of Hate and Plane of Fear for raids in the level range of 75-105. The expansion will also add new quests, missions, heroic adventures and raids, new spells, Alternate Advancements, and an Illusion Key Ring.

Daybreak Games is also launching a new expansion for EverQuest II, entitled Terrors of Thalumbra. The 12th expansion, Terrors of Thalumbra will add a new overland zone featuring a contested zone and special quests for Adventure and Tradeskill players. Terrors of Thalumbra will bring new scalable dungeons for player level 20-94, and new raid zones and solo dungeons for players who are level 100.

EverQuest: The Broken Mirror will be available on November 18th, and will run gamers $34.99. EverQuest II: Terrors of Thalumbra can be purchased now for $34.99 as well.

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