Set to release this week, fans are clamoring to finally sink their teeth into the full retail release of Rainbow Six Siege. Taking to Twitter, Ubisoft let gamers know exactly when the servers will come to life: 12:01 AM EST tomorrow, December 1st.

Rainbow Six Siege has gone through multiple betas, but the final build of the game, along with progress that actually carries through, will launch tomorrow.

For those that haven’t checked it out, Rainbow Six Siege is a competitive online shooter where teams of five face off, one team trying to defend a location, the other team trying to breach it. And just to make things that much more tense, there are no respawns.

Our impressions of the beta found the mechanics and gameplay to be incredible, but also felt the complete reliance of communication and teamwork to have a good time would likely be a barrier to more casual players.

Rainbow Six Siege is launching with a season pass, but Ubisoft has detailed that all new content will be free for all players, the season pass working more as a premium service, just bringing new content early.

Keep an eye out for Gamespresso’s official review as Rainbow Six Siege launches for PS4, Xbox One, and PC.

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