Friday, 13th November 2015 was a black day; a day that saw the lives of some 129 people lost, 352 people injured and 99 people left in a critical condition.

The attacks that took place stopped the World, as channel upon channel filled with live footage of attack areas, updates flooded Twitter and eye-witness accounts appeared.

When horrifying acts like this occur, it brings out the light in an otherwise dark situation – humanity bands together and the brave stand up for their fellow man; this was expressed by #PorteOuverte (‘Open Door’) which went viral, allowing those with space to share to offer it and those affected by the attacks access to that space.

Everywhere, all over the world, monuments were lit up to show their support for those struck by this tragedy, support poured across the planet.

Recently, while trawling through Reddit, I stumbled upon two tributes to the victims of Paris, created by gamers. I’d like to take this opportunity to share them with you.

YouTube user, ‘Planetside 2 For France‘ uploaded this video, showing various ‘Planetside 2’ players expressing their regret and sorrow for the events that transpired.

Reddit User, SpookyAmes utilised her 3DS and ‘Animal Crossing’ to create the following images with the message ‘I’m so sorry, France. You are in our prayers and thoughts. We love and support you.’


Tribute to France

Tribute to France

Tribute to France Tribute to France

Tribute to France

Tribute to France

On behalf of the team at, our thoughts are with those directly and indirectly affected by the tragedies that occurred, you are in our hearts.




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