Gems of War is now available for the PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Gems of War is a card-battling puzzle game.  According to EGMNOW, “505 Games has announced, The highly addictive title combines elements from puzzle, RPG and card battle games allowing players to battle foes not just with swords and sorcery, but with a puzzle board,” 505 games explains. “Match gems of many colors to power spells & skulls to smite enemies, then take the spoils of war and forge a mighty empire! It’s completely engrossing, easy-to-learn and filled with incredible strategy.”

Players get to create their own hero, and add allies to their party to conquer the world of Krystara. Each time a kingdom is captured, new troops and quests become available. Gems of War has over 1200 missions, 120 quests, and 130 different types of troops. EGMNOW also states, “There’s also exclusive armor for each platform: Shadow, Ebon, Obsidian Armor for PS4, and Savage, Wild and Bestial Armor for Xbox One.” So if you become a fan of this game, you’ll sink many hours into this game.

Recently, 505 games posted this on twitter,

Not only is this game free on the Xbox One, but it is also free on Steam for PC and PS4.

Joel Breton, senior vice president of 505 Games Mobile stated, “We are excited to bring the Gems of War experience to PlayStation 4 and Xbox One, giving console players to the chance to take the spoils of war and forge their own empires”

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