Having only been released about a week ago, so much talk has already surrounded the new Star Wars Battlefront. While the game has beautiful atmosphere and class music that any Star Wars fan can get behind, some people find the gameplay not up to speed. One person in particular wants everyone to know how much he hates this game.

Earlier this week, Breaking Benjamin frontman, Benjamin Burnley made a post on Instagram, sharing his thoughts on Star Wars Battlefront, calling it a “piece of sh*t.” Now on an interview with radio station 94.3 WCYY, he has chimed in again with his thoughts on the game. His arguments to why he dislikes the game so much include “the gameplay sucks,” “you get shot out of nowhere,” and “you’re just like playing the game and then you die.” Much like his lyrics, he sounds like a whining kid who doesn’t get his way. He also added the brilliant notion that, “All online games suck in their own kind of way, cause you’re relying on the Internet.” I’m sure there are a lot of people, especially gamers, who would have to disagree.

It’s funny how the radio show cared more to ask about his video game opinion than anything musically related in their interview, which you can see below. Be warned, however, there is a lot of profanity. It’s also hard to think why Benjamin Burnley cares so much to share his thoughts on Battlefront, until you realize that this is the first time he’s been relevant in the news for over a decade. Touche’ Benjamin, looks like you get the last laugh. Star Wars Battlefront is available now for Xbox One, PS4, and PC.


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