One of the professional testers for Halo 5, GH057ayame, or Ghost, took to the Team Beyond forums to address the notable difference in aiming from Halo 5’s Beta to Halo 5’s current multiplayer.

According to Ghost, they had been testing the game for two years, and getting ready for launch for a long time. Each day they would have discussions, play the game, and try to figure out why the gameplay didn’t feel the way that it should. “the Beta, close-range gameplay felt fluid, mid-range felt decent, and long-range felt flat-out squirrelly. So, our Pro Team went through numerous tests over the course of a few months with our lead sandbox designer, Chris King, and the rest of his team in regards to how our how aim felt leading up to the release. There were some days where our entire team despised it, other days where our team had a split-decision, and finally one day where we all felt extremely comfortable with it.”

Ghost also pointed out that Halo 1 has a more difficult aiming system with the Pistol, and it is often regarded as one of the ‘best multiplayer’ for the Halo franchise, despite many people not actually ever playing it. “Yes, close-range might feel a little bit harder to control at first, but in the long run, you will all learn to adjust to it for the better. Shooting the magnum in this game is very particular, seemingly like how Killer N or StK Tupac shot their pistols in Halo 1. At first, it’s going to be tough, but it will get much better with practice. Even to this day, shooting a Halo 1 pistol up-close is extremely challenging though, right?”

The whole post is a good insight to how games change from Beta to current state, and can be read here.

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