KingCaffeine of Cloud9 made an extensive post on Reddit on how he plays Leoric. Cloud9 is the first World Championship for Heroes of the Storm, taking home the title this past Blizzcon. Cloud9 comes from the North America region, and like all competitive teams, was formed within the past 12 months.

The full post can be read here, as KingCaffeine details multiple builds for Leoric. He has general tips for how to play Leoric, and calls the two builds Brusier Leoric, and Leorky.

Cloud9 made notable use of Leoric when creating one of the most unique teams we have seen in competitive play. Abathur, Tassadar, Leoric, Brightwing, Murky made their way into the semi-finals when Cloud9 met up with Team DK. Needless to say, the crowd went insane when Murky was picked.

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