When it comes to the various classes in World of Warcraft many changes have been made over the years. Balancing and rebalancing, new ideas and different approaches have all tried to instil a different feeling to each of the class options players can choose from. With the next expansion, Legion, Blizzard aim to focus on the fantasy of the classes making huge changes to make the characters perform more like you’d expect them to and making the gameplay associated with each character more relevant to the origins of the class itself.

To achieve this Blizzard are really shaking up the way we play the classes we’ve gotten so used to. As an example: Shadow Priests are masters of void magic, the void is the domain of the Old Gods and as we’ve learned from the history of Warcraft exposure to the Old Gods often ends up with people going insane therefore Shadow Priests new resource is Insanity rather than mana. Casting spells will build up their insanity and when it reaches 100 percent they will enter void form where they will do increased damage for as long as they can sustain it.

Some classes will undergo huge changes whilst others will remain relatively close to how they are currently due to them already being quite strong in fantasy. For further details on all the changes you can read about all them in a great in depth post on www.wowhead.com.

The new changes are certain to add a new dynamic to the way we play the game and definitely a fresh approach to the fantasy behind each of the classes. What do you think about shaking up the classes? Let me know in the comments section below!

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