Nintendo’s surprise hit IP, the ink-spraying Splatoon, has really expanded since its launch. New maps, new weapons, new gear, new modes, and even entertaining community wide tournaments, all for free. And it looks like they’re not stopping any time soon.

Revealed in a trailer shown during the latest Nintendo Direct, are two maps. The first is Museum d’Alfonsino, which appears to be a pretty complicated map with low walls and rotating platforms. Also it’s a museum so you can enjoy the thrill of not just covering territory for your team but defacing modern art sculptures in the process. The second is Mahi-Mahi Resort, a map set in a large resort pool. The latter of these two are especially fascinating since the first half of each match will involve limited platforming due to the fact that Inklings can’t swim in water (videogame logic everyone!), while the second half will have the map be raised, introducing new platforms and areas.

The trailer also briefly showed off new wearable gear for your Inkling. The new outfits appear to be fitting a more Fall and Winter design choice, along with some pretty cool looking bandanas and sports wear. Looks like, as the game’s pop idols like to say, this game is doing all that it can to stay fresh.

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