The newest patch for World of Warcraft went live November 17. It provides plenty of additions for the players.  That is, until they remember that they have to wait for the Legion expansion.

But for now, item upgrades are back!  Visit your local ethereal in Orgrimmar and Stormwind, or Stormshield and Warspear. There, you can spend the valor (yep, that’s back too!) to amp up your gear.  Along with previously earned items, professionally crafted items, Draenor dungeon drops, items from Hellfire Citadel, and items created from Baleful tokens in Tanaan Jungle are all eligible for upgrades.

Additionally, Warlords Arena will enter its third season. With this, more gear will be available. Details on this new season have yet to be released.

Six new Timewalking dungeons have been added to the mix. And a new mount players have been asking about since the release of this dungeon event, the Infinite Timereaver will be a rare drop for any boss inside all of the Timewalking events.

World of Warcraft, Infinate Timereaver

The Infinite Timereaver, now available to mount!

Moreover, Cross-Realm has been enabled for the highest difficulty level for Hellfire Citidel.  A handful of classes have been tweaked with as well.  More extensive information on these changes can be found here.


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