Fallout 4 comes out in just two days, and we couldn’t be more excited for Bethesda’s next installment to the post apocalyptic franchise. About a week ago, they published a blog post where the importance of the music behind Fallout was highlighted – ‘enter Lynda Carter’. This is the first time Fallout will have music written purely for the game.

There are five songs, written and recorded by Lynda Carter; if that name seems familiar, you’re right. She played Wonder Woman on TV in the 70’s and is married to Robert A. Altman, CEO of ZeniMax, Bethesda’s parent company. This isn’t her first debut in a Bethesda game, as she has voice acted for them before. In Fallout 4 she plays the character Magnolia, a singer in the town Goodneighbor.

In-game music will always be one of the confounding factors in a game’s success (something that I actually thought Halo 5 let slip this time around, but that’s another story). Bethesda have confirmed that there will be three times the amount of music in Fallout 4 compared to the previous game. The game’s soundtrack can be broken down into three categories: songs you’re likely to recognize, lesser known tracks by famous artists and songs from obscure artists that you’ve probably never heard of.

Carter’s role adds five original tracks to the mix, which will play on rotation on Diamond City Radio. Like every good radio station, you’ll also hear the quirks from the ‘DJ’ who’ll add insightful commentary between tracks. Unfortunately, Galaxy New Radio DJ Three Dog will not be making a reappearance in Fallout 4.

We all love authenticity when it comes to the small details, but audio director Mark Lampert has admitted that some of the licensed tracks that will feature in Fallout 4 don’t fit the game’s time period.

‘When it fit lyrically, and we just liked the song, even if it was a few years technically after or before that range, the fun won out,’ Lampert said when speaking about choosing the right music for the game.

‘We wanted to do more of the early rock-n-roll sound,” Lampert continued. ‘Chris found a pocket of music that I hadn’t heard before. It was much less mainstream… ‘Atom Bomb Baby’ is a prime example.’

You can listen to one of Carter’s additions to the game ‘Good Neighbor’ here, and find the other tracks on Spotify.

Fallout 4 releases on November 10th, on Xbox One, PlayStation 4 and PC.

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