It’s been two years since the last Need for Speed as Electronic Arts decided to give Ghost Games an extra year perfect the “reboot” of the racing franchise. With the extra development time, how did the game fare with various gaming outlets? Here are some editor’s opinions and review scores to find out if this racing game hit the target.

Need for Speed was developed by EA and Ghost Games. It was released on November 3rd, 2015 for the PS4 and Xbox One. The PC version will be released in Spring 2016. The game retails for $60.

EGM – 7/10

“Without a clear way to distinguish it from others in the franchise, Need for Speed feels like a test bed of sorts, a great foundation waiting to be filled by more identity-defining features. It’s a fun and casual racer, that’s easy to jump into but leaves you feeling as if maybe this well-intentioned reboot threw the baby out with the bathwater.” – Jeff Landa [Full Review]

IGN – 6.3/10

“The best thread is ‘Outlaw’, which is really just a mix of all the game’s race types with the cops on your tail. The cop action is scaled back from Hot Pursuit and Rivals but I certainly appreciate how the police AI seems a lot more fair and bound by the in-game physics than it ever did in Ubisoft’s The Crew. Considering it was the standout mode in the old Underground games, the lack of any drag racing in Need for Speed seems like a misguided omission.” – Luke Reilly [Full Review]


“This year’s entry – a self-proclaimed reboot – ostensibly resets the franchise so it can redefine itself. The problem is, this game does not represent what the franchise is all about. It has aspects we’ve come to know and love from the series such as cops, cars, a city, and even a story, but none of them stand out as a focal point or is elevated to a level of excellence.” – Matthew Kato [Full Review]


“Uh, yeah. Need for Speed tries to introduce “memorable” characters by having them all do quirky things after meeting them, but the performances never really sell it. It’s cool that they periodically call you up, and you can place a name to their face, but I’ve already forgotten who most of them are as I type out this review.” – Chris Carter [Full Review]


“The sense of ownership that comes with tuning a single ride to perfection rather than simply grabbing the flashiest vehicle available proved tremendously rewarding. Even just the breathtaking speed of upgraded vehicles makes the driving in Need For Speed absolutely gripping. This foundation of gratifying gameplay anchors the experience, while the rest of Need For Speed’s specifics run the gamut from equally outstanding to smash-your-controller frustrating.” – Scott Butterworth [Full Review]

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