BlizzCon 2015 saw Activision Blizzard announce the next installment of StarCraft lore would be told through a series of episodic adventures due in 2016. In a GameSpot interview, StarCraft II’s lead developer Tim Morten explained how the next step in either the StarCraft or Warcraft universe could talk place.

Morten explained that what Blizzard’s future holds “really depends so much on what we hear back from players.” He believes that “the Warcraft universe clearly has more stories to be told,” and that StarCraft’s “is fantastic.” In fact, they’re even interested in using new IP’s “to make completely new stories altogether.” Basically, Morten thinks there’s plenty of scope.

Blizzard still “love RTS.” Morten reported that they really want “to hear back from our player what they would be excited about.” As for now, he says they’re far too busy working on the upcoming StarCraft II Legacy of the Void expansion  to make decisions, but it’s certainly not off the cards.

Morten’s team decided to switch to episodic content post-Legacy of the Void because of player feedback – he says that players don’t want the story to end. Also, it gives the studio even more scope for exploration – Morten is looking for feedback after the three acts of three missions each. He said Blizzard will “be interested to see how player response is and if players fee like we should build more content like that.”

You can read the whole interview over at GameSpot.

You can look forward to Legacy of The Void on PC on November 10 (if you’ve avoided Fallout 4), and Nova Covert Ops will begin releasing over 2016.

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