Just announced by Paul ‘ReDeYe’ Chaloner during the lead up ramble before the Frankfurt Major’s grand final: Valve will be setting the next Dota 2 Major tournament over in Shanghai. This tournament will be presented and run by Perfect World. Perfect World is a major production company when it comes to online gaming. They’re no strangers when it comes to setting up events with Dota 2 as they’ve partnered with Valve to subject Dota 2 to China.

According to the quick screen cap below, the ‘Winter/Spring Major’ will run between March 2nd to 6th of 2016. The venue selected is the Mercedes Benz Arena in Shanghai, China.


Keep your eyes on the space, we’ll have more as the story unfolds. For now, if you’re not watching the exciting Frankfurt Majors grand final, get in here now! I won’t spoil the the match up, but I can definitely say the two definitely deserve their spots in the finals!

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