As a big fan of the original Pokemon games, seriously I’ve lost count at how many hours I pumped (and still pump) into each of those games, one of Nintendo’s most recent announcements was highly concentrated blast of nostalgia.

Revealed via their latest Nintendo Direct, the very first generation of Pokemon games, Red, Blue, and Yellow are coming to the Nintendo 3DS Virtual Console almost exactly as they were almost twenty years ago. Just to make things even more rose-tinted the release date for this trio of goodness is February 27th, the same day they originally launched in the west. The only one major change this digital version will have is that battling and trading with other players, which was originally done via the link cable peripheral, will now be done both locally using the 3DS’ wireless signal, and can even be taken online.

For those looking for a sample of how the series started, this is a great idea, but I’m worried if any of this might connect to the more recent games. Just throw in Pokemon Bank support and all of the money is yours.

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