Have you been having trouble connecting to PSN? It’s not an uncommon issue.

This Friday, PSN was down for a short time earlier today. So what was behind all of this?
Earlier today, many PSN users were greeted with an error message telling them they can’t connect to PSN. Soon thereafter, Sony tweeted this:

At first it was just a few features that went offline, including online matchmaking, and as the morning went on everything soon was down. Later in the day, Lizard Squad took claim to the service issues, saying they attacked PSN.

Lizard squad is a notorious hacking group that has attacked PSN in the past, most recently being when they launched a DDos attack on December 24th of last year. Now, as of 12pm ET PSN is back up and running.
Has your Black Friday shopping been spoiled because of this, or is your game buying at an all time high with all these epic deals? We promise to keep updating this story as it progresses. We hope you all are getting those deals we all ever so much love this time of year and hope you enjoyed your piping hot sip of Gamespresso!

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