Harmonix has announced Rock Band 4‘s first update, which will be released on December 8. The new update promises to fix many issues, including bug fixes and performance improvements. The update will also add new features.

One of the most promising new features is a new taunt system. The new taunt system will allow users to rub it into their friends as they beat their high score. According to Harmonix, you will be able to select a randomized taunt message after beating a friend’s high score, although no examples have been given.

The update will also include an activity feed, where taunts and other notifications from your friends will be posted. Harmonix also teased at a possibly new gameplay mode being released with the update. Check out the blog post to see all the update details.

Rock Band 4 was released on October 6th for Xbox One and PS4. Harmonix has made it clear that they plan to update and fix any problems that occur with the game. Stay tuned to Gamespresso for future update information.

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