Rocket Leagues 1.08 patch released yesterday, with full patch notes available on their official website.

The patch most notably adds Mutators, which is described as “featuring a suite of alternative presets and settings that add depth, variety, and crazy rocket-powered fun to custom games.”

Rocket League’s Mutators mode offers multiple changes to the game depending on what you play, including a Beach Ball setting that will cause the ball to act light weight and bounce around frequently. You can also turn on demolisher mode for an action packed, destruction filled round.

Several bug fixes have been added to the game, making the overall experience smoother for players. They’ve also added several custom antenna from Fallout, Oddworld, Driveclub(PS4), and Unreal Tournament.

Spectator input is required now when skipping matches from private matches in Rocket League, and the developers have also improved the turn radius on several vehicles.

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