After its first beta weekend, Atari has apparently learned of some issues with RollerCoaster Tycoon World that will take some time to fix. The game was originally slated for a December 10 launch, but the team needs additional development time to improve some of the game’s tools.

An update on Steam said, “There is much, much more to RCTW – peeps, rides, simulation, campaign, economy, UGC – than what you got to play in our first Beta. It’s heartening that even with this small slice of the RCTW experience, you were able to give us such tremendous and useful feedback.”

It continued to thank the game’s active community for posting bugs, suggestions, and thoughts on the forums: “Many of you loved the game, some found certain aspects frustrating and you all had tons of thoughtful suggestions for improvements.”

The game is being delayed until “early 2016” to make the “predefined piece” coaster building more intuitive and simple, create a powerful fencing tool, grid improvements, and other fixes. The next beta weekend, which was supposed to be later in November has also been pushed into December, so the teams can get new features ready for testing.

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