Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain has a new secret event according to Konami. The event is known as the “secret nuclear disarmament even” as you may have guessed this mission will involve players removing nuclear weaponry. To access this event you need to meet a few specific requirements fortunately Konami has let everyone know what these requirements are.

All of the following requirements must be met before allowed access to the event.


  • For starters you must have completed mission 31.
  • If you have any nuked of your own dismantle them. As you must not own any nor be in development of a nuclear weapon.
  • Certain conditions will also apply to your platform and regional server in terms of nuclear proliferation.
  • Finally, all nuclear weapons on your regional server corresponding to your gaming platform must be dismantled. Basically the amount of nukes that are on your server must be equivalent to zero.

Upon returning to Mother Base after meeting all of these requirements the event will begin to trigger. Konami went on to explain “Should new nukes be developed after conditions 3 and 4 have been fulfilled, this event can be repeated by fulfilling all four conditions again”.

If you need to know the nuclear proliferation levels, then they are listed below.

As of November 1st

PS4: 2761

PS3: 1685

Xbox One: 525

Xbox 360: 1011

Steam: 36552

As of November 26th

PS4: 349

PS3: 215

Xbox One: 81

Xbox 360: 75

Steam: 15206

Metal Gear Solid V: The Phantom Pain is currently out now for all platforms.

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