Shadow Jago will finally become a playable fighter in Killer Instinct. He was initially a “re-skin” for Jago, the Tibetan warrior monk, and was given to players who purchased a 12-month Xbox Live membership on launch day for the game; he also served as a boss fighter during Season 1 play. The new character will be available in December, not long after the two-year anniversary of the Xbox One (and Killer Instinct) launch.

Players who fought against Shadow Jago in Arcade mode will be familiar with his moveset upon release with some key differences. He will be a more aggressive fighter than his counterpart, channeling Akuma with air fireballs and quick movement across the arena. It was confirmed by the Killer Instinct community manager, Rukari Austin, that the release date would fall within December but an exact date has not been revealed. There will also be a livestream dedicated to Shadow Jago along with a “fun video”; again, there is no tentative date set for those.

It was also stated that the new fighter will be balanced for competitive play prior to his release.


Shadow Jago ready to waste the competition

There will be a community bundle released that will contain both the Shadow Jago skin for normal Jago AND the Shadow Jago fighter. This is due to a fund created in April by Killer Instinct developer Iron Galaxy for the purpose of donating money from the digital sales of the character “Cinder” to Killer Instinct tournament prizes. More than $100,000 was raised and in celebration the community bundle was announced. Those who already own the Shadow Jago skin will have the playable character when he is released.

There is no word as to whether Shadow Jago will have his own theme or continue to share one with Omen, another fighter released in Season 2.

Shadow Jago takes his place alongside another newcomer: Rash from Battletoads. Despite being new, these characters are not part of the upcoming Season 3 which will begin in March 2016 with characters like Kim Wu and Tusk making their returns from Killer Instinct 2 on the N64, arcade systems, and a re-release on the Xbox One.

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