Originally spotted in a video for the Japanese arcade fighting game Pokken Tournament, what was thought to be the inclusion of Dark Mewtwo is now confirmed as a new character, Shadow Mewtwo.

As can be seen at the end of the video above, the character is definitely confirmed to be Shadow Mewtwo and be a character in the game. However, as the original video (below) suggests and what we can derive from the intro card shown after the introduction of the character in the second video, Shadow may just be a boss-like character you have to defeat in an “Extra Battle”.

The card, which reads, “Shadow Mewtwo Appears”, would only indicate that the character makes an appearance and is not playable. That said, no word has been released if it will ever become a playable character or if it will come to console or even American versions of the game.

shadow mewtwo 2

Pokken Tournament was released in Japan arcades in 2014, but is scheduled to come to Wii U worldwide in 2016.

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