Ark: Survival Evolved is gaining a deadly new dinosaur in a tiny package: Compsognathus. It is included in a new update for the game which is available today.

Many might recognize the animal from the Jurassic Park: The Lost World; indeed, the team at Wildcard have taken inspiration from the movie’s portrayal of Compsognathus. Encountering a lone “Compy” poses no danger. This dinosaur is a pack-hunter however, and where one is found there is likely to be more nearby. Add in a curious, inquisitive nature and you may find yourself in trouble.

A “Compy Gang” is much like a pack of wolves, thus requiring players to be on their guard when even one of the dinosaurs are spotted.


A detailed overview of Compsognathus

The newest update (v224) adds more than just a new dinosaur: rocket turrets, sea mines, magnifying glasses, persistent tribe logs and wall laps are included as well. Alongside all this comes a new cooking system that allows players to create recipes and make their own dishes.

Compsognathus, one of the smallest dinosaurs on the island, arrives right after the addition of one of the biggest: Giganotosaurus. A new penguin-like animal and a deep-sea anglerfish has also been recently added.

Ark: Survival Evolved remains a popular Early Access game on Steam, and is set to release on Xbox One early through its early Game Preview program. There will be a full launch on PC, PS4 and Xbox One in 2016.


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