It may be hard to believe, but World of Warcraft has been up and running for 11 years this November. This MMO has seen a gargantuan amount of success and critical reception since it was first launched, and for 11 year it has kept players coming back for more. Blizzard has decided to do a little something to thank those loyal fans.

Players who log on to World of Warcraft between now and November 30th will earn WoW’s 11th Anniversary achievement. This achievement unlocks a special gift package that comes with two celebration wands, exquisite costume set: “Edwin VanCleef”, and much more. On their website, Blizzard had this to say, “hanks to all of the heroes of the Horde and the Alliance for your unfaltering dedication to protecting and preserving Azeroth. Whether you are an honorable tauren, a brawny orc, a crafty gnome, or a resourceful human, we appreciate your continued support, and we’re looking forward to sharing adventures with you for many years to come.”

Don’t forget to log back in to World of Warcraft soon to be part of the fun. Also, check out the hashtag #11YearsofWow to be part of the celebrations.

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