In celebration of the Xbox 360’s 10th birthday Microsoft released some interesting statistics about the 360 and some of its games. How many times have you raced across the finish line in Forza, or how many Spartans have you snuffed out in Halo? Is your Gamerscore something you brag about or hide? They have released some staggering statistics about all of these.
xbox 10 years
In only 10 years, the Xbox 360 has sold 84 million units as of 2014. When the Xbox 360 came out, it introduced achievements, and the addiction of hunting them down started. Now over 26 Billion achievements have been unlocked to accumulate over 472 billion Gamerscore, with the world’s highest Gamerscore being 1,105,692 Gs.

Right now we have spent about a millennium racing in Forza and 3 billion hours spent playing Gears of War, with the most sold game on the 360 being Minecraft: Xbox 360 edition. I bet all of us remember getting the “benchmarking” achievement in Minecraft, or “land fall” in Halo 3. God, those were some good memories. Share your great gaming memories in the comments below, and we hope you enjoyed your sip of Gamespresso!

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