Microsoft talks about difficulty of making Xbox One backwards compatible with original Xbox games.

Mike Ybarra, Xbox engineering boss, discussed this matter on The Inner Circle Special.  He stated that the feature has the possibility of coming to the Xbox One, but it’ll take a long time to do. Mike states, “nothing’s impossible.”

Ybarra goes on to say that currently, Microsoft is concentrating on adding more Xbox 360 game’s compatibility with the Xbox One. As of November 12th, 120 Xbox 360 games are playable on the new console.  The backwards compatibility for the Xbox One works by emulating the Xbox 360.

According to GameSpot, Ybarra stated, “”We’re not looking at original Xbox games on Xbox One yet,” he said. “Right now the focus is making more Xbox 360 games work…Getting Xbox 360 games to work was incredibly challenging and really a multi-year engineering investment.”” Ybarra continues to say, trying to make the original Xbox compatible with the new console would be challenging.

The Xbox One’s backwards compatibility with the original Xbox games would be an awesome feature. I hope it will be an available feature in the future.

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