In a video posted on Youtube, Microsoft have shown off the redesigned Xbox One store which will be a part of the Xbox One Dashboard update coming soon.

Larry Hryb and Richard Irving (Xbox One Engineering Team) give us a run down on what’s changed in the store; they describe the redesign as grouping the ‘stuff in your home screen between what’s yours and what could be yours.’

The store is now specifically categorized into games, apps, movies & TV and music (although there’s been no mention for a competing in game music app, such as Spotify on the PS4). Irving says that the main target for Microsoft was to minimize the number of clicks for you to get the information you want, therefore improving the speed of navigating the store.

The different categories are now positioned at the top of the screen to allow you quicker access to the relevant one to you. You can find out more by watching the video below.

The new store design will take affect along side the ‘major’ New Xbox One Experience update, scheduled to launch on the 12th November; also coming is the long awaited backwards compatibility feature.

Tomorrow will bring us the full list of games that are supported by backwards compatibility, but you can check out the initial lineup of games here.

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