With Black Friday come and gone ever so quickly, Microsoft has now begun to hint at the Xbox One’s strong sales from the busiest shopping day of the year in the United States. According to Aaron Greenberg, Sr. Director, Studios Marketing Group, Global Product Marketing Xbox 1st & 3rd Party Games, Microsoft’s home console experienced “really strong Black Friday sales” leading many to speculate the approximate number of units sold over the 24 hour period. This information, while widely desired among gamers to see which of the three current consoles sold best on this most recent Black Friday, will most likely be released later this week in order to be presented with other major sells acquired from Cyber Monday as well.

While Nintendo and Sony’s respective home consoles had strong sales on Black Friday, Greenberg notably mentioned the PlayStation 4 via a tweet acknowledging that both Microsoft and Sony’s home consoles selling well is ultimately “great news for gamers.”

Potential factors which contributed to the Xbox One’s successful Black Friday sales include Microsoft’s decision to markdown the console from $350 to $300 in addition to a massive migration of fans of popular Xbox franchises such as Halo and Fallout transitioning with their favorite series from the Xbox 360 to the Xbox One.

Did you pick up a Xbox One this past Black Friday? Did you score any other significant deals that will make gaming over the holiday season memorable? Let your thoughts be known through commenting below!


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