This week Firaxis has released screenshots for the “small town” area in XCOM 2. If you don’t know, the XCOM series is a turn-based tactical shooter that places you as commander of the XCOM unit tasked to defend earth from the alien threat. In XCOM 2, you are launched 20 years into the future where the aliens that plagued you in previous XCOMs have taken over the earth and the XCOM unit is nothing more than a rebel faction trying to free the earth from the alien’s grasp.

These are small towns just outside the ADVENT City Centers you saw in the announcement trailer. From the XCOM 2 blog post: “Crumbling churches and quaint diners offer citizens a taste of the freedom they once had. These small towns also offer XCOM a stark reminder of what we’re all fighting for: our home.” This is only a few of the many maps you will lead your team across to beat the ADVENT soldiers now polluting the planet.”

Are you looking forward to triumphing over your alien overlords or, are you going to leave the fight for your planet in the hands of your friends this February? Let us know in the comments below and we hope you enjoyed your sip of Gamespresso.

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