Ace Combat 7 gets some pretty sick screenshots revealed

Those looking for some awesome screenshots of Ace Combat 7 have come to the right place. After revealing the announcement trailer for us, Bandai Namco released some screenshots of the latest sequel in the Ace Combat series. The photos are in 4K resolution, too, which means that the released game will probably look gorgeous.

VP of Marketing and Digital at Bandai Namco Europe Hervé Hoerdt had this statement to make about the upcoming title:

“It’s no small feat for any video game franchise to thrive over two decades; ACE COMBAT’s legacy lies in its tremendous quality and deep storytelling. With ACE COMBAT 7, we are planning on dominating the skies once again and delivering an unparalleled experience thanks to the PlayStation®4 technologies and to our team experience with their know-how!”

As well, Bandai Namco released the facts sheet for Ace Combat 7, which said the following:

ACE COMBAT 7 will astound players with beautifully rendered skies and highly detailed cityscapes but also set the stage for the most engaging aerial battles in the franchise’s storied 20 year history accompanied with an immersive soundtrack. ACE COMBAT 7 will take the elements that the series is known for to a whole new level! Aces who have proven their combat prowess in ACE COMBAT 7’s campaign mode can take their dogfighting skills further with furious online multiplayer battles.

PlayStation®4 players will also be able to get immersed in ACE COMBAT 7’s realism through exclusive features developed specifically for PlayStation®VR.

ace combat 7 5

ace combat 7 4

ace combat 7 3

ace combat 7 2

ace combat 7 1

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