If you haven’t been following the industry wide race to release VR headsets you might have been surprised by the game announcements Sony’s Playstation Experience earlier this month. At the event held in San Francisco, California on December 5-6, Sony released a barrage of announcements of games for their Playstation VR headset slated for an “early 2016” release.

More than ten games were announced including a VR version of PS2 and Gamecube classic REZ. Here are the video announcements for the new games:


The Playstation VR headset is Sony’s answer to the Facebook backed Oculus and the Valve/HTC Vive VR headsets currently in development for the PC platform. Some indirect competition for these new higher-end headsets is the Samsung Gear VR and Google Cardboard which are designed around mobile phones instead of consoles or high powered PCs.

For their part, Microsoft is a bit of an outsider in this race, opting to develop an Augmented Reality headset, Holo Lens, to work with the Xbox One.

So, who’s excited for this headset and these games?

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