Having only just recovered from Steam’s Autumn Sale, the beginning of their much anticipated Winter Sale is both excellent and terrible, terrible news. Excellent, because who doesn’t love cheap games? Terrible, because my partner might leave me.

According to a promotional website for PayPal (via ShackNews), the Winter Sale will begin on December 22nd, at 10AM PST and continue (more than likely) until around the 4th of January.

Steam’s sales have always been a massive deal – with thousands and thousands of deals across every game genre possible. The Winter Sale will be following the path of the Autumn Sale, in that instead of multiple, rotating flash sales, everything will be on sale simultaneously. This means that the discounts generally aren’t as high, but you’re’ also a lot less likely to miss out.

What are your thoughts on the new method for Steam’s sales? Do you enjoy not having to jump on the PC and trawl through hundreds of discounts to find that special deal? Or are you an avid bargain hunter who thrives off of finding the best deals available? Let me know in the comments section below.


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