Fanboys everywhere shrieked in delight at the end of yesterday’s final Smash-Bros-centered Nintendo Direct. Bayonetta, created by PlatinumGames (the same team that made Madworld, Metal Gear Rising: Revengeance, The Wonderful 101, and who are currently working on Star Fox Zerod), was revealed as the final DLC character that will be included in Smash Bros Wii U and 3DS.

Revealed to be the winner of the Nintendo Smash ballet — where fans across the world voted for the inclusion of their favourite character — Bayonetta has long been expected to make an appearance in Smash Bros, given that the gameplay in the Bayonetta series lends itself well to the party beat’em up. Her Smash Bros moveset will include a number of her iconic attacks, including summoning monstrous fists and feet (for those familiar with Smash Bros, these are her Smash attacks), slowing down time (which works as her counter), and summoning a large demon to finish off her foes (her Final Smash).

Her full moveset is explained in detail below:

Bayonetta is unique in the roster because of her ability to chain combos. Many of her movies link into one another, and she can even carry foes from the ground into the sky with a number of linking attacks, even being able to repeat her Up-B attack — a feature unique to her alone in the entire series.

On watching the video, many professional Smash Bros players pointed out these features, predicting that she will stand out among the roster very quickly among the competitive scene. ZeRo (whose real name is Gonzalo Barrios, who has won 55 consecutive tournaments since Smash Bros Wii U’s release, leading many to call him the best in the world) noted that Bayonetta appears to be a combination of Sheik and Zero Suit Samus.

“This is literally the most top-tier combination you can think of,” he commented over Bayonetta’s trailer. “What the hell? This is top-teir, top-teir, just, just TOP-TEIR, goddammit.”

Bayonetta is scheduled to be available for purchase February 2016.

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