Bungie Bounty will make it’s return to Destiny tomorrow, challenging players to beat the developers during a special livestream.

This certain limited-time event is based around another limited-time event: Sparrow Racing League. Bungie will tomorrow be hosting a stream on Twitch, where random Destiny players will be matched up against the developer in a race. Place top three outside of Bungie staff, and you can win a special emblem.

The Bungie Bounty event will be taking place tomorrow on Twitch, 6-8PM PST, but only on the PlayStation 4. The developer will be running a limited number of races within the two hours, during which anybody placing within the top three of each race will win the exclusive emblem seen at the bottom of the page.

At this time, Bungie have stated that a similar event will be taking place on the Xbox One before Sparrow Racing League finishes on December 29.


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