It’s December and that means holiday shopping season is in full swing. And it seems that Best Buy is offering quite a deal for those looking to save on getting some video games.

Starting Sunday, December 6th until December 12th if you purchase two Xbox One or PlayStation 4 games, you will get a third game for free. There is no limitation based on what platform you buy from, get two games for the same console or one of each, either way you get a freebie. Bundle that with the savings given for members of Best Buy’s Gamer Club, and you got a pretty sweet deal.

There are reports that this promotion has a few exceptions, specifically Fallout 4 and the new Star Wars: Battlefront, but according to an inquiry on the matter done by Gamespot, a Best Buy representative stated that those games are in fact part of the promotion.

So there you have it guys. If you have a Gamer’s Club membership, a Best Buy in reasonable distance and shopping you need to get done in the next six days, get to it.

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